Mark Sartoris

"For the majority of my life I've lived a pretty sedentary one. I've never been one to actively seek out exercise. When my 41st year was looming, I decided that I could no longer just let life happen. I needed to take action. Luckily life sent me Kevin to help get my life in gear and provide the tools necessary to make those positive changes in my life.  Have I been perfect all the time? Hell No! Kevin has been there to keep me accountable, calls me out on my excuses, and sometimes acts a a part-time therapist...everything a good trainer should do. 

The work outs are always fun and challenging, and I never have to worry about them becoming routine. Just when I think I know what he's going to make me do he switches things up. 

I can go and on about all the working out stuff, but I'd rather just say that Kevin is a kick ass trainer and great guy. He's relatable, funny, and good at what he does. No matter your fitness level, Kevin will provide you the keys to help you achieve whatever your fitness goals are."

John Margolis

"Kevin has been my personal trainer of choice for over three and a half years since moving from Boston to L.A. His new gym Sweat 60 is a no frills place where one goes to get genuine long lasting results.

Kevin's approach as a personal trainer is more one of a life coach. It is a holistic one encompassing not just exercise and fitness, but diet, sleep, and mental well-being. He sees the whole picture and he engages his clients to be proactive on many levels beyond his time with his clients.

More recently I have been working out with Kevin three times a week over last 6 months. I had taken a year off due to shoulder surgery only to gain 20 lbs. and I ironically lost a lot of overall mobility while focusing on my shoulder physical therapy. Since then, at Sweat 60 I have lost those 20 lbs. and I surpassed my fitness level before the surgery.

I recommend Kevin, and Sweat 60 without reservation."

Melissa Portillo

"I have been working with Kevin as my personal trainer for over a year now. I first started with him in my transition from college to the work life, in a time where I could not figure out a balance between work, sleep, eating well, and taking care of myself. He has been able to create a sustainable strategy for me! Not only by helping me lose the weight I wanted but in developing lifestyle habits that allow me to consistency improve and get stronger throughout the process.

Even through consistent training, I am never bored. The workouts always kick my ass and I feel great afterwards."

Josie Elliott

"Coach Kevin rocks!  If you're looking for someone knowledgeable, technical, patient and who will push you to your limit so you'll be better... he's the guy.  He walks the walk and is so motivating and supportive. It's pretty simple: Work with Kevin and you will Get Ripped."