Three different programs all great results

Group Training Sessions

Each group training session is carefully programmed in order to get you the most effective results.


Semi - Private Training Sessions

We’ve built our small group personal training programs with a dynamic warm-up, a custom program based on your goals, and a conditioning based finisher.

Private Training Sessions

A personal trainer will help you set specific goals, monitor your progress, fine-tune your program as you go, and help you work your way off plateaus.


Our fitness lineup


Made in // 60 

Sweat 60's signature group session. This total body workout is all inclusive, dynamic, and multifaceted - designed to improve your overall fitness levels; including mobility, core, strength and conditioning.  You can expect to work hard for 60 min while utilizing fun and effective exercises to maximize results.  


5:30am Coach Court //6:30am Coach Court //7:30am Coach Court // 6:00pm Coach Court // 7:05pm Coach Rachel 


5:30am Coach Kevin // 6:30am Coach Kevin // 7:30am Coach Rachel// 6:00pm Coach Eric // 7:05pm Coach Rachel


5:30am Coach Kevin // 6:30am Coach Court// 7:30am Coach Rachel // 6:00pm Coach Eric




5:30am Coach Eric // 6:30am Coach Court // 7:30am Coach Eric // 6:00pm Coach Eric // 7:05pm Coach Eric


5:30am Coach Eric // 6:30am Coach Court // 7:30am Coach Eric // 6:00pm Coach Chris // 7:05pm Coach Court


Strength & Sweat

60 min of total body strength training and conditioning with an emphasis on technique and form to strengthen your core lifts and supporting muscle groups. Weights, kettlebells and high energy music are utilized to achieve maximal results.



Circuit // 60

This 60 min class is an intense core, booty and circuit style workout. Take your workout to the next level. It provides a variety of exercises with specific muscle conditioning to get you the best results possible. This is a great time to enjoy the music and feel the burn! All skill levels welcome.  

Circuit // 45

Same class as our Core // 60, but more intense given the 45 minute timeframe to get you in and out the door on a Saturday morning.


9:00am Coach Kevin


8:00am Coach Eric

SUNDAY 9:00am Coach Court